The Hotel Trecento is proposed as the Hotel of the future, a concept of very high technological content, in which the customer can interact entirely in digital mode, or through an application usable by Smartphone, Tablet , Consoles etc.

The guest can customize the room to his liking by choosing:

  • The colors and the intensity of the lighting;
  • The essences to combine with the atmospheres;
  • Multimedia contents combined with favorite scenarios;
  • The desired climate control

The hotel has a professional network of the Colt company, a symmetrical fiber that in download and upload guarantees 100 Mega, in the rooms 40 Mega in upload and download certified by the operator.

Formula300 Application

The "Formula300" application, developed by the Hotel Trecento, is the digital interface of the system, through which the guest interacts directly with the room from his Smartphone / Tablet, in a simple and intuitive mood.

It is present on Android and IOS platforms.
Download it on your device and you will live a unique experience, personalizing scenarios, scents, climate and many other functions wherever you are, inside and outside the structure.


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